The GPS-L10 is a 10 Hz GPS which combines the electronics and antenna into one small unit. A highly sensitive receiver allows the GPS to lock onto signals even in difficult environments. It is fitted with a DTM connector and is pre-configured to be compatible with MoTeC Dash/Data Loggers. It is not compatible with MoTeC ECUs. (See GPS-L5)

This unit is suitable for speed, position and lap timing.

Compatible with

  • MoTeC ACL
  • MoTeC ADL3, ADL2 (not compatible with original ADLs) 
  • MoTeC SDL3, SDL



  • Update rate 10 Hz

  • 66 satellite channels

  • Dynamics 4 G

  • Power supply voltage 4.0 – 6.0 V


  • RS232
  • Baud rate: 38400


  • Case size 48 mm x 41 mm x 14 mm

  • Weight 106 g

  • 1 x 4 pin Deutsch DTM, 3 m flying lead

  • Built in antenna

  • Mounting - magnetic base


Jun 9, 2011: Smart Things You Can Do With an ECU and a GPS

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