I own an older model MoTeC ECU/Dash Logger

Do you still have user manuals and wiring diagrams available?

Information availability on the early MoTeC ECUs and Dash Loggers is limited, but we often still supply user manuals and software, however, these are not updated any more. Send us the model and serial number and the colour of the box and we will try to find out some information about its capabilities and let you know what is still available for your product.

It is a 2 Group ECU. Can I still use this?

These units are very old and have very limited functionality compared to what is available now. The 2 Group also required a special modem to connect it to a laptop to tune the ECU. These modems are no longer available and are quite rare. Unless you have one of these modems with the ECU you will not be able to tune it. 
We would strongly recommend that you consider using a modern product.

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