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Full Screen and COMS, DOSBOX easy open program M48 etc

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 2:08 pm
by cobra427
Hi , I have an old M48 , if you want your program to load directly into full screen please download Dosbox 0.74 and add a screen shortcut , now to make it work .
Click start in the corner
Click all programs , then DOSbox 0.74 then click on options, then open dosbox0.74-3 options
This should give you the white screen ,(notepad screen ).
enlarge screen
now look down the page and it says
fullscreen =false this needs to be changed to fullscreen=true

now go nearly to bottom of the page
look for
serial1=dummy this line needs to read serial1=directserial realport:com1
serial 3=disabled
and at the bottom of the page where it says you can put your mount lines here , under that line put
mount c c:\motec

Then you must go to File and SAVE .
all in lower case the gaps or no gaps are important. now when you double click the Dosbox it should load up full screen and the serial port will connect , You can rename Dosbox shortcut Motec , after exiting Alt X, you may need to push the windows button . I would be great to hear, if you have set this up . You will still have your original program and tune , but the Dosbox will be nicer to use and your files/ tune will come up in there the same Cheers . :)