New M800 sensors' signals are unstable

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New M800 sensors' signals are unstable

Postby Vassili Wang on Thu Apr 11, 2019 3:16 pm

Hi guys
We encountered some problems when doing bench experiments. With the same M800 configuration and a same set of harness, in the same working conditions and same engine tempture, my new M800 sensors' signals such as oil pressure engine tempture and boost pressure are unstable and very fluctuating compared with the old one. And the old M800 lambda signal is greater than the new one's. I wonder to know if this is ECU's own problem or if there are other reason. Attached are the datas collected by two ECUs.I'd appreciate if you can help me to solve this issue
the new one
(375.96 KiB) Downloaded 368 times
the old one
(927.57 KiB) Downloaded 378 times
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