LTC Mgr Send Failures - but Communicates - Do This or Die!

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LTC Mgr Send Failures - but Communicates - Do This or Die!

Postby TunedByShaneT on Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:59 am

LTC Manager seems to be communicating with the LTC but any attempt you make to send CAN information, Upgrade Firmware, Air Calibrate the sensor results in a failure to send message.

Upgrade your UTC Firmware.

You can upgrade the UTC by going to Start - Programs - MoTeC - USB to CAN Adapter - Upgrade UTC Firmware

If you do this - your problem will be solved and you will go off blissfully into the sunset whilst reading your lambdas.

If not - you will endure endless hours of mental torment culminating in injury or even severe death.

Luckily Simon W saved my life - so Im paying if forward.
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