PNP M800 - AIM Strada Logger NO speed sens

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PNP M800 - AIM Strada Logger NO speed sens

Postby flat_four on Sat Mar 18, 2017 10:41 am

HI all,

Need some guidance here with this frustrating issue, spent hours on it so far.... I have a WRX V7/8 pnp motec M800 ECU in MY03 Sti vehicle and connected to an AIM Strada Dash, most functions are working well except I can not seem to pick up a speed channel from the M800 pnp CAN stream, have gone through all the default channels in the channel setup in the AIM Strada setup to no avail, never seems to RX speed parameters!!, Have also checked the M800 pnp config and from what I can see here on other subjects regarding similar issues, I believe the settings are correct, but I must be missing something??

M800 pnp set up in:

Adjust>Sensor Setup>Input Setup>Speed Tab

Left Drive Speed (LD Spd) NOT populated with any values ?
Right Drive Speed (RD Spd) NOT populated with any values ?
Left Ground Speed (LG Speed) NOT populated with any values ?
Right Ground Speed (RG Speed) NOT populated with any values ?

Is this where I should be looking with added Values ?? How do you add another channel Like M800_DRIVESPEED or M800_GROUNDSPEED ??

AIM Strada Dash only has has these CAN Channels available via ECU connection:

ECU25 Enabled (Ticked) M800_SPEED1
ECU26 Enabled (Ticked) M800_SPEED2
ECU27 Enabled (Ticked) M800_SPEED3
ECU28 Enabled (Ticked) M800_SPEED4
ECU29 Enabled (Ticked) M800_GROUNDSPEED
ECU30 Enabled (Ticked) M800_DRIVESPEED

Tried all to NO avail?

as a test I set up 3 x Numeric value display boxes in the MoTeC ECU Manager V3.5 as bellow

Ground Speed
Drive Speed
Gear Box Out Speed

the only display monitor that gives any value under vehicle driving conditions is " Gear Box Out Speed (rpm)

so this input is comming from somewhere.... Dig1 in ??? set up as SPEED Sens ?? but no genuine calibrated speed channel output anywhere in KLm's

Funny enough ECU Gear Calculation is working, sort of, but always reads 1 Gear higher than the vehicle is actually driving in. would like to adjust this to be accurate but that might be another forum subject later :!:

Checked values in Adjust>Functions>Gear Detection> Setup - Gear Ratios all seems to correlate with everything I have researched on this forum except Dif Gear Ratio?? should this be the actual real final drive ratio 3.90 or sugested figure of 1.00 ??

precise Help in resolving this setup issue would be very much appreciated - I can email M800 pnp file easily to wiling helpful guru its not encrypted.

Cheers flat_four.
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Re: PNP M800 - AIM Strada Logger NO speed sens

Postby Rude Engineering on Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:34 pm

I can take a look at this for you if you send your M800 file to . It sounds like you may not have the required speed channels set up so should be easy to sort out.
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