Fast updating GPS into *00 series ecus

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Fast updating GPS into *00 series ecus

Postby Chris Wilson on Wed Sep 21, 2011 6:51 pm

I see the latest 10Hz GPS receiver will not work with *00 series ecu's serial inputs, and needs to be fed directly into a dash, which I don't have. I am curious as to why serial data from this receiver cannot be read by an ecu, and only by a dash? Am I right in thinking the alloy cased 20Hz unit you sell / sold would feed an ecu serial input correctly? If I don't want to run a dash are there going to be future issues with fast updating GPS into my M800 / M600 serial ports? Track days are very popular here in the UK, but the use of beacons is prohibited, so we rely on good GPS, and it seems the technology is getting better and cheaper all the time, so I was surprised to read the 10Hz unit is dash only. Thanks.
Chris Wilson
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Re: Fast updating GPS into *00 series ecus

Postby OmarK on Thu Sep 22, 2011 10:27 am

Our ECU's are very capable of doing many sophisticated functions including recieving and storing GPS information. The ECUs primary purpose however is to run the engine and decoding the GPS signal etc requires alot of CPU usage. To ensure that our customer's engines are managed correctly, we prefer to use the CPU for running the engine primarily. From our experience we recommend the use of the 5Hz GPS with our ECUs and have found this to be more than acceptable for most applications. :)
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