How to lower noise emission?

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How to lower noise emission?

Postby Polux RSV on Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:04 am


Before going on track, bikes should pass a noise emission test at 5000rpm, not on roller, only in static. Limit is 99dB. Easy for I4, but hard for V2 with open exhausts, even with dB-killer.

Is there any chance to lower noise, 1, 2 or more dB, playing with ignition advance and/or fuel mapping ?
If yes, which direction should I try ?

This will be implemented in a "test map", which will not be used on track :roll: :twisted: So I don't care about driveability, heat,....The test will last only fiew seconds.

Polux RSV
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Re: How to lower noise emission?

Postby stevieturbo on Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:04 am

get a decibel meter and simply just test it and see what works for you.

Without knowing where you're starting from, it's impossible to say where you need to go.

But surely there is room for some sort of silencing, even if it is a slim perforated tube style silencer on each pipe ?

We may not like noise rules, but there is little we can do about them, and giving the assholes who complain weapons in the form of noise to complain about, will only get more tracks shut down.
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