techedge 3E2 wideband controler and emi (noises)

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techedge 3E2 wideband controler and emi (noises)

Postby spracing on Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:42 am

Hello all, currently I got a techedge unit, the 3E2 model, controller logger and display in one, seems that I have some issues peaking electrical noise or something else? I work on old aircooled vw's, so like tough environment for electronic devices, and I have some issues with the unit self calibrating when on test, so no good as its in the exhaust, so after that pure chaos. I contacted techedge about this, they said probably the unit -or cable- peak noises, they were helpful enough to send me another unit, still same issue, send it back to a european dealer of them to check it on road, works OK to the dealers car, no problems, so probably I have to find the source of the problem and solve it, as I'm afraid I will have the same issues indifferent of what controller i will use

Was wondering if anyone has had experience of that kind of problems, or better yet techedge related, I;m kind of stack as I'm not electronic expert and dont know how to start searching,

below is a link of the unit doing the problem on a car after starting, you see the "EE" display which means the unit is doing calibration, ... 0ZcTqxV9Bx


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