M130, ITBs, and MAP

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M130, ITBs, and MAP

Postby winders on Tue Apr 07, 2020 12:08 pm

I'm getting ready to tune an approximately 400 HP at 8,000 RPM Porsche 3.6 air-cooled race engine with ITBs. I have a MAP sensor available to me and each ITB has a vacuum port if I choose to use it. The cams are not particularly aggressive so max vacuum should be reach relatively low in the RPM range.

I am trying to understand if trying to use a vacuum block of some kind and a MAP sensor for VE tuning is going to make any real difference versus tuning using throttle position only. It is my understanding that above 4,000 RPM or so I will be using throttle position only any way. So what do I gain using VE tuning at all on a race engine that will live on the track above 4,000 RPM 98% of the time? Sure, I want the car to idle nicely at ~900 RPM and I want it to be easy to drive in the pits. But can't I get that with throttle position tuning anyway?

I guess my question is what would I be giving up by not using a MAP sensor?


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