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Nitrous Spool

Postby Vlad on Wed Feb 27, 2019 5:03 am

So, i am thinking of fitting a nitrous kit on my sr20vet, to help the spool, as the greddy td06h25g spools a bit slowly at high altitude at hillclimbs. I would like to use it as a dry system, but since the m84 dose't let me change the table axis, i will have to cut it of at 4000rpm. How do the enrichment and retard tables work ? Is the solenoid turned on and off by the enrichment values ? I was thinking of setting the solenoid on a aux8, load/rpm output, and one of the axis in the nitrous enrichent and retard tables is aux 8 duty cycle, then mount 2 togle switches, on to activate the nitrous function, and one to cut of the +12v for the solenoid, and only ad enrichmet when aux8 output is active. Can this be done ? Will it work ? Thanks, Vlad.
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