C127 - Multiple Laptops & Config Errors

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C127 - Multiple Laptops & Config Errors

Postby WillM on Sat Oct 16, 2021 12:07 am

Is it possible to upgrade C127 firmware with one laptop and use a different laptop for all other purposes, including uploading new configurations and downloading data? If so, what is required?

I have two laptops with the same version of C127 Dash Manager and Display Creator installed. The version and HEX number of both installations of Dash Manager match the HEX number shown on the C127 display when it is turned on.

My primary laptop is a MacBook Pro with Parallels installed, running a virtualized Windows 10 installation. It uses an Apple Thunderbolt2 to Ethernet adapter. I have zero problems communicating with my C127, PDM15, etc. All work perfectly for usual functions, including uploading configurations, downloading configurations, and downloading data.

However the Mac laptop cannot update firmware. Firmware updates stall out, terminate, and leave the Dash in an error state. At this point, a successful firmware update is required to return the C127 to normal operation.

I first experienced this issue during a race weekend and was able to borrow a laptop, install matching versions of Dash Manager and Display Creator, and upload existing C127 and Display Creator configurations to the dash.

To update the firmware, I used an alternate (very old) Dell laptop with built-in ethernet/RJ45 port. Firmware updates and uploading configurations with this Dell laptop worked as expected.

Now, back with my primary Mac laptop, I am able to connect to download data and download configurations, but cannot upload configurations. I receive an error that says the configuration in the dash was created from a different installation, and to verify "edit details" are accurate (which they are), if I continue, the upload process crashes. It seems to slow and stall

So I assume there is something different between the two installations, but I have been unable to discover what that difference is.

I fully understand that I'm on my own concerning the Mac/virtualized Windows install, and do not expect support with that aspect, however if anyone has a Mac-based solution that works for them, I would appreciate your advice. I tested the windows based software I use extensively in Parallels for a few months before committing to this laptop 8-10 months ago. This firmware update incompatibility is the first issue I have experienced.

So to reiterate the questions, after this long post: What is the best practice when connecting to a C127 for data retrieval and configuration uploads/downloads with a different computer than was used for firmware updates?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: C127 - Multiple Laptops & Config Errors

Postby SDean on Mon Oct 18, 2021 9:15 am

Hi Will,

As long as you maintain the same Dash Manager version on both devices, there isn't an issue with using different laptop for communicating with the dash. The main issue is version control of the configuration that is installed in the dash, and ensuring that you are not overwriting a newer configuration with an older one.

Storing the configuration files in a cloud (iCloud, OneDrive, etc.) can assist with this in making sure that both installations have access to the same files.
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