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Postby Holmz on Sun Jan 13, 2013 5:04 pm

Not sure if this should go in sensors and wiring or as a suggestion for a webinar.

I looked at the Seminar dash installation 2010 notes, and it does cover some of the wiring issues, like:
crimps versus solder
twisting pairs
not running signal wires next to high current wires.

I found a paper on grounding that looks pretty informative.

I want to use sound card with balanced connectors, but not sure if I should wire it like on page 29 or use a coupling transformer to control ground loops and that noise.
I will probably will just try it an see.

But it does beg the question of how to minimize noise in the wiring starting with the Coils or COP, and then extending to the Crank and Cam sensors and other sensors.
Should 2 core twisted pairs in a shield generally be used as is shown on the bottom of page 29?
And then does one clamp the shields together at a common ground at the logger end, the sensor end or both? (I suspect just the sensor end.)

And what wire is best to use? (Looks like one with a lot bigger shield conductor then twisted pair conductors.). But specifically any brands?
For the differential inputs on an ACL or Dash it seems easy enough.
More tricky for the "fast" and "high precision" inputs, as those are single ended.

And what is a good strategy for managing the injectors and coils and noise traveling up the lines?
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