Toyota GT86 Package - Additional Sensors

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Toyota GT86 Package - Additional Sensors

Postby Bobel on Fri Apr 03, 2020 11:00 pm

Hi Folks

I have a Toyota GT86 that I'm currently building that will be running on an M150 (Level 2 logging), with an AIM Dash running off the ECU's Canbus

I'm looking to add a fuel pressure sensor for the Port Injector fuel rail,

Looking at the Motec patch harness it appears the 12 pin DTM breakout Pin F07 - "Fuel Lift Pressure" is the best input to use, however I cannot tell if this input is transmitted on the standard M1 Canbus?

I've downloaded a copy of Dash manager to look at the CANBUS template but I still can't really tell as there is an OEM high pressure fuel system and how do you distinguish between the source of all the various signals as I cannot correlate all the pinned inputs to CANBUS signals?


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Re: Toyota GT86 Package - Additional Sensors

Postby SDean on Mon Apr 06, 2020 10:56 am


Any channel with Fuel Direct in it is related to the Direct injection system, so Fuel Pressure Sensor is the channel for the Fuel Pressure Sensor where as Fuel Pres Direct is the DI System Pressure.
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