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Bosch "Motorsport" LSU 4.9 - Calibration

PostPosted: Mon Nov 15, 2021 10:04 pm
by clarkefarm
Just wondering if there are any known issues with using the "Motorsport" version of LSU 4.9 (p/n 1928404687).
I used the factory calibration option in LTC Manager for a normal LSU 4.9 and lambda readings are consistent with a stand alone AFR Gauge at low power settings but there is quite a diversion at high power.
M1 Fuel Aim at 5500 RPM, 95 kpa is .75 and with closed loop this is reported via one of the LTCs (the other is temporarily disconnected while its sensor is being used by the Gauge) but the AFR Gauge is showing .71.
Of course the problem may lie in the Gauge.
The sensor cable connectors have not been altered.
Rupert Clarke