Acceleration sensor permanent deactivation possible?

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Acceleration sensor permanent deactivation possible?

Postby MikeD on Fri Nov 29, 2019 9:44 am

Hi Motec team and members,
is there a way to eliminate the functionality of the C-xxx display internal acceleration sensors permanently?

This question may sound weird, but for example with some motorsport regulations it is forbidden to have any other sensors than the ones which are homologated, rally for example.

So is there a way (from Motec HQ most likely) to get a special firmware or whatever is needed, which deactivates these sensors in a permanent way, and therefore comply with the rules. Of course there would be a need to receive a confirmation document from Motec as well which shows for example display serial xyz has locked out accel-sensors, which can't be re-activated by the end-user.

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Re: Acceleration sensor permanent deactivation possible?

Postby SDean on Fri Nov 29, 2019 1:57 pm


When this has needed to be done in other categories, the way that it has been handled is to generate a dash template and provide it to the category organisers that does not have the acceleration channels available in it. (delete them out of the Connections | Internal Pins section, and make sure that they are not in the logging or other locations) As the organisers have a copy of the configuration that doesn't have these channels configured, they can then connect to the dash and compare the configurations to make sure that the acceleration channels are not in use.
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Re: Acceleration sensor permanent deactivation possible?

Postby MikeD on Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:26 am

Hi Stephen,
I imagine that might be possible when you deal with a specific series and therefore have the same organization in the background handling ongoing events.
However when competing at different FIA events I don't think that anybody of the FIA wants to handle something like this, just for some individual teams that may run those dashes. In addition the technical observers change from event to event, more so when going international to compete in different countries, therefore what you suggest is hardly possible...

Maybe someone has another idea but in my opinion the only way to comply with the rules would be to have the internal accel-sensors blocked by the manufacturer (Motec in this case) and supply some document, because the council doesn't care if you have deactivated them at your own responsibility, as you would be able to re-activate them just whenever you like with a single mouseclick.
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