Motec M150 Toyota 86/BRZ 2017+ fuel tank level

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Motec M150 Toyota 86/BRZ 2017+ fuel tank level

Postby Lonestar11 on Mon Mar 22, 2021 10:11 am

Hi - quite new to this but have the M150 Toyota 86/BRZ 2017+ package, harness etc mated up with C125 dash. The datasheet for the M150 package says that the dashboard fuel tank level is now operational.

My C125 dash is connected directly to the M150 so figure I should be able to access all available channels.

The fuel tank level works fine on the OEM dashboard but I cannot figure out how to get this on the C125 dash. The package states that the Fuel Tanks Sensor Resource is "not in use"..... I am not familiar enough how to configure this or if it is possible.
Also would need some help to setup on the dash as I imagine it will need a filter of several seconds and requires other settings?
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Re: Motec M150 Toyota 86/BRZ 2017+ fuel tank level

Postby SDean on Mon Mar 22, 2021 12:31 pm


With the fuel level sensor in the standard Toyota 86 Dash, it reads the in tank sensor on startup, and then there is a pulse (Toyota 86 Fuel Flow Scale) transmitted from the M1 over CAN that is used to move the needle as the fuel is being consumed by the engine. The fuel level sensor isn't looked at much between engine start cycles.
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