T2 Server Network connection doesn't support hostnames

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T2 Server Network connection doesn't support hostnames

Postby David Ferguson on Sun Jun 27, 2021 4:19 pm

I have a telemetry setup that uses dynamic DNS to determine the IP address assigned by the Cellular Network Provider for the car.

It's possible to reach my telemetry data stream through a UDP port at LigierLMP3-68.eairlink.com, however I can't enter this in the input setup for T2 Server as it reports this is "not a valid domain name".

Well, it's valid enough for a command line "ping LigierLMP3-68.eairlink.com" to determine the IP address was

This IP address could change when the car is power cycled (like each day). I don't mind power cycling T2 Server, but I would like it to find the new IP address when it has changed.

Is there some format (URL?) required to get T2 Server to look up the IP using DNS?

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