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  • 29/Oct/2021 MoTeC EV Technology goes underground with Australian Mining Innovator


While MoTeC is best known for success in motorsport, our technology plays an important role in other industries too.

When Australian company Zero Automotive committed to building a solar-chargeable, underground-ready mining vehicle, MoTeC was perfectly placed to provide control solutions and EV expertise to the project.

With an M150 as the central controller, MoTeC used Simulink® modelling and our highly flexible M1 Build software to design and develop the master Battery Management System (BMS) for ZERO's Lithium Titanate battery (LTO).

The master BMS calculates the State of Charge and State of Health of the battery in both charge and discharge operation modes. Additionally, the master BMS ensures individual cells’ voltage and temperatures remain within safe, predefined limits.

MoTeC was also responsible for designing the control system for the vehicle’s High Voltage PDU using the same M150 unit . The M1 controls all HV connection and disconnection processes and monitors the HV system current, voltage, and isolation measurement to ensure safe operation of the LTO battery and the vehicle as a whole.

Inside the LandCruiser cabin, MoTeC’s compact D153 Display features a custom screen design that keeps the driver informed of the battery status at all times.

Importantly, the zero emissions ZED70 Ti meets Australian Design Rules and safety standards, allowing operators to not only put it to use in the mines, but also drive it on public roads.

MoTeC is proud to work closely with industry innovators like ZERO Automotive to achieve important steps in the global EV journey.

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