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  • 15/Dec/2022 The Hoonigan Huckster takes Gymkhana back to the future!

Travis Pastrana is OFF THE RAILS in Hoonigan's Gymkhana 2022! (Except the bit where he is actually ON the rails!)
The ride is as wild as you'd expect from the Hoonigan team and all round daredevil Pastrana, but the car itself delivers a whole new level of eyeball thrills!

Haven't seen the video? Here it is:

Hoonigan Gymkhana 2022

And what about the "Family Huckster" build up close - there's a video for that too.

This ain't no regular '80s gen Subaru GL wagon - it's literally custom to the core - but it pays homage in the most spectacular and satisfying of ways. The result is a masterstroke of form and function, combining old school cool with modern tech, and it's fair to say the display is getting a whole lotta love!

Huckster Dash Reaction
Huckster Dash

The online reactions say it all! This factory-inspired, video-gamesque dash is a MoTeC C1212 Display Logger with genius retro Display Creator customisation by Vermont Sportscar, and you can have it too!

Huckster Dash multi
Huckster Dash Comments

Incredible job by all involved. Very clever stuff!

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