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  • 12/Sep/2013 New M1 Plug-In ECU Kit for Yamaha PWC

M130 Yamaha plug-in news Great news for watersports enthusiasts and racers - MoTeC has expanded its plug-in range with an M1 ECU kit for the Yamaha FX SHO personal watercraft.

It is a fully programmable direct replacement for the factory fitted ECU and comes with all the adaptors and mounting gear you’ll need. No rewiring is necessary as the kit utilises the stock wiring harness and original sensors. All essential factory functions are maintained, including the original dash display.

The ECU has diagnostic data logging as standard, and more comprehensive logging and analysis upgrades are available.

In addition to user-configurable fuel and ignition tables, the M1 ECU offers programmable electronic throttle launch control and superior RPM limiting.

The M1 Yamaha ECU Kit is compatible with FX SHO, FZS and FZR models.

A Sea-Doo kit is also already available and more M1 plug-in ECU solutions will be added to our PWC range soon!