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  • 06/Nov/2013 New C185 colour Display Logger available now!

C185 news

Brilliant, to the core.

At the heart of this stunning new colour display from MoTeC is a powerful data logger with configurable auxiliary control and plenty of options for professional level expansion. Engineered with a suite of sophisticated features and an Autosport connector, this latest addition to MoTeC’s highly sought after colour Display Logger range provides the flexibility to suit virtually any application.

At first glance the C185 captures attention with its vivid 125mm LCD display (approx 5”). The screen is high resolution, ultra bright and anti-reflective, ensuring the clearest view, even in unfavourable light conditions like direct sun.

Users can select from numerous supplied layouts, each with crisp, high contrast graphics in various colour combinations. Within these layouts, the channels, labels and measurement units are all configurable.*

The C185 also features ten built in, high intensity LEDs for use as shift lights, warnings or other driver alerts. Each light is independently programmable for function, colour and brightness, allowing teams to create customised sequences to suit each driver.

Beyond appearances, the new C185 delivers the data logging smarts for which MoTeC is renowned. It comes standard with 250 MB internal logging memory, which can be upgraded to 500 MB at any time, allowing for approximately 14 hours of professional level data recording.  Over 300 channels can be derived from a mixture of inputs, with logging rates up to 1000 times per second.

Ethernet connectivity ensures fast download of all that data, ready for expert analysis. C185 customers may already be familiar with MoTeC’s world class i2 data analysis software as it is the choice of many professional motorsport teams. The Standard version is free and an upgrade can be purchased to use the more complex features in i2 Pro.

Advanced Functions is also an option for those with professional level requirements. It provides Advanced Maths, Channel Maths, additional 2D and 3D Tables and extra User Conditions.

As standard, the C185 offers 20 inputs – a combination of analogue, digital, switch and speed – plus 6 outputs. For those wanting extra functionality, an upgrade is available to enable numerous additional inputs.

Expansion is also possible using MoTeC’s E888 and E816 devices or VIM/SVIM modules. These CAN-based expanders give users greater flexibility to add sensors, customise channels and control more auxiliary functions.

The C185 is cleverly engineered with four configurable CAN buses featuring individually programmable speeds. Two dedicated RS232 ports are also built in.

To install the C185, customers can use their own wiring or purchase a professional quality loom from MoTeC.

*Still to come…

In early 2014, MoTeC's new Display Creator software will be available for use with all MoTeC colour displays, including the C185. Display Creator will enable full customisation of the on-screen graphics, allowing users to develop their own layouts, import graphics and logos, and design creative gauges. This exciting and innovative software option will be a quick and convenient upgrade for both new and existing customers.

The C185 Display Logger is available to order now from your local dealer.