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  • 08/Sep/2008 15 seconds of fame - we want your footage!

If you are a MoTeC user and you have video footage or high resolution photos of your vehicle in action, whatever it may be, we would like to see it and possibly use it for MoTeC promotional videos that will be shown at trade shows, during training, on the website and maybe even on TV.

Other related footage, like team members analysing MoTeC data, monitoring telemetry in the pits or tuning a MoTeC ECU on a dyno, is also welcome.

We are looking for a diverse range of vehicles from all over the world so just include a brief summary of the vehicle and which MoTeC products are used and we will be in touch if we can include it.

You can email your files to

or mail them to:

MoTeC Research Centre
121 Merrindale Drive
Croydon South
VIC 3136