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  • 21/Jun/2008 It's now even easier to integrate video with your logged data in i2 Pro

Simultaneous viewing of video footage alongside other data analysis components within the i2 Pro data analysis software is simplified by the introduction of automatic video sync. video i2 A18

Automatic video synchronisation is controlled using the new MoTeC Video Sync Module. This module will record regular sync points onto the audio track of any video camera, this way enabling automatic synchronisation of logged data and video.

i2 Pro identifies which footage belongs to which log file and automatically aligns the data with the video. This synchronisation allows the video and data to be analysed together providing insight into racing lines and driver performance.

A movie file, showing the footage with overlayed gauges, can also be created with the combined video and data from i2 Pro and the use of TrackVision software. This provides a fast and convenient way to show your footage anywhere.

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