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 What a difference moTeC Makes!

With his affectionately named "Snot Rocket" Mustang now converted to MoTeC, Brett Lasala has a new PB and isn't looking back! At its first track outing with the new M150 ECU at TX2K20 earlier in the year, Jay from Real Street Performance drew on his expertise in both MoTeC and Mustangs to dial it in, a tenth at a time, reaching a new best quarter mile ET of 7.2 @ 188mph. Check it out on IGTV...

Brett Lasala Mustang TX2K20

Brett Lasala Mustang TX2K20 engine  Brett Lasala Mustang Real St dyno 

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Exciting times for New Zealand's Paddon Rallysport as components come together for their EV Rally Car build, including MoTeC electronics. We're proud to be part of this innovative project and look forward to seeing the car progress to completion later in the year.   

Catch up on the latest IGTV update from Hayden Paddon:

Paddon Motorsport EV Update

Paddon Motorsport EV Update MoTeC hardware  Paddon Motorsport EV Update Model

Learn more about the inception of this project from the group's 2019 announcement.

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Speedhunters EvoX

This Evo X, transformed by Powertune Australia, is packed with smart technology and a whole lot of power, but still drives like stock when it needs to.

Read all about it in Speedhunters recent article.

Speedhunters EvoX C1212

Speedhunters EvoX dyno

Find out more about the MoTeC devices on board:

M130 ECU
E888 Expander
C1212 Display Logger with Display Creator screen customisation
5 Button Rotary Controller


OnPoint Dyno is stepping up the game, again!

We've been working with Sasha Anis for some time on this incredible development car - the world's first Nissan 350Z hybrid conversion - and it just keeps getting better. We're excited to see "Kels" hit the track for a shakedown...soon.

Until then, check out these recent YouTube videos for some dyno action and hear Sasha's insights on the build.

Sasha Anis:

OnPoint Hybrid


 Speed Academy:SpeedAcademy OnPoint 350Z Hybrid dyno results

 GP Lite - a game changer for entry level engine management

New GP Lite

GP Lite is MoTeC's new entry level M1 engine management solution that's "lite" on price, but a heavyweight when it comes to functionality and world class quality.

The specially designed Lite firmware runs on M130 hardware and operates port injected engines with a range of complexities, from simple, naturally aspirated 4 cylinder variants to twin turbo charged V8s.

Like its big brothers in the M1 family, GP Lite provides numerous ancillary features, including driver switches (engine map, boost limit etc.), launch control and nitrous oxide injection. It also caters for many systems found on modified road vehicles, such as closed loop boost control, and provides two user-defined auxiliary outputs.

Want that racecar-style sound and light show from your exhaust? GP Lite can deliver! (Really, there's a new "Flames feature" in this Package, so get ready for pops and bangs that will draw a crowd!)

If you have an electronic throttle, or want variable cam control or knock control, GP Lite is not for you, but we have plenty of M1 Packages that are perfectly suited. And if you need CAN messaging for OE integration with vehicle systems (e.g. power steeering, ABS), we can help you out with an alternative M1 solution.

Integration with other MoTeC products is seamless, of course, so you can run a GP Lite ECU in combination with a Display Logger, Shift Light Module and many other devices. And because it comes with Level 1 Logging, you can analyse data using MoTeC's world leading i2 software.

Think M1 is out of your budget? Think again. This is racebred engineering at a true entry level price. Contact your local MoTeC dealer for the price in your region.

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