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The MoTeC range of products is supplied and supported through an exclusive worldwide network of authorised dealers.

Our products are suited to a wide range of applications, each with their own unique complexities. This requires specific knowledge to set up an application. So while users can adjust their product functionality after installation, we recommend that all applications be installed and initially tuned by skilled technicians with appropriate experience with MoTeC products.

Each of our authorised dealers has proven their competence and followed a MoTeC specific training program before being endorsed, ensuring each dealer is qualified to advise, install and tune, and provide ongoing customer support for all MoTeC products.

We recommend you discuss your requirements in detail with one of our authorised dealers to get the best advice on the appropriate solutions for your application.

Our dealer service is backed up with assistance from MoTeC's technical support team.


MoTeC products are highly flexible, complex units and are adjustable for a wide range of applications. Every product needs to be carefully selected to work with all other components on the vehicle and to get the best out of your system it needs to be correctly installed and accurately tuned. This is highly specialist work, so to ensure your system is working at its optimum we recommend you get your system installed by one of our authorised dealers.  

However, if you do decide to install your own system, we have a number of specific wiring diagrams available to assist you. Please check in the datasheets if there is one for your product or application.

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