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  • 21/Sep/2016 Find out more about Diesel


M1 GPR Diesel - Coming Soon

MoTeCs development team are near completion of a GPR based Package to run today’s common rail Diesel engines.

The Package will allow commercial and motorsport customers to uncover the maximum performance from their diesel engines and incorporate all the racing features available in MoTeC’s existing GPR petrol Package.

Development has been conducted on a range of manufacturers' engines including Toyota, Isuzu, Ford, Mazda, GM and Volvo. Customers can look forward to full control of both types of diesel injection: Inductive and Piezo.

As with M1 petrol solutions, customers will be able to select from Tyco or Autosport connector variants of the diesel hardware. The M1 provides full control of the engine with no requirement for external driver boxes.

There are four individual injector pulses, with independent and precise volume and timing control, along with specific software features to control smoke whilst maintaining maximum power.

Commercial customers will benefit from the full EGR control and the ability to run two independent fuels, such as the original Diesel and CNG substitute.

Prototype testing on dynos and race tracks is in progress and final release is not far away.