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  • 27/Jan/2010 MoTeC hits new heights with world record for longest jump

On December 18, 2009, Johnny Greaves created a little piece of history, in spectacular style! At a remote ranch in San Diego, California, Greaves launched his 800 horsepower TORC Pro 2WD Toyota into the record books with a gigantic leap of 301 feet. That’s 100 feet further than the previous 2WD record.

We're proud to report that MoTeC technology was on board all the way.
Greaves 301 ft truck jump3

The truck was equipped with a MoTeC ADL2 Dash Logger, complete with GPS and 3-axis accelerometer. This combination, along with RPM and throttle data, helped to verify the record. Crucial measurements for speed were displayed to the driver through a MoTeC SLM Shift Light Module to help him lock onto the necessary take-off speed target.

With 3,800 pounds of vehicle versus gravity, the extraordinary jump was no easy feat. Greaves and his crew had to perform ongoing calculations, factoring in variables such as wind and wheel spin to nail the perfect approach. It took a few attempts…

Greaves: "What really helped out was (seeing in the data) that when I short shifted I got my speed up so much earlier and it gave me the speed at the ramp. Before, I was gaining the speed right at the bottom of the ramp and I needed that five miles per hour going up. We needed to be at 105.5 miles per hour and that's exactly what I hit it at and we got exactly 301 feet."

With his feet safely on the ground, Greaves was understandably rapt. "It's the greatest thrill I’ve ever had. You can't believe how long you’re in the air…just up there in this massive truck floating through the air."

MoTeC congratulates the Greaves Motorsports Monster Energy/Toyota Off-Road team and everyone who was associated with the jump. We look forward to sharing the excitement of the next challenge!

Watch the video here