The ADR2 is MoTeC's second generation Accident Data Recorder. It records critical data from vehicle accidents, such as lateral, longitudinal and vertical accelerations. This data can help to better understand forces in high impact collisions and may assist with the medical assessment of drivers.

The ADR2 captures minimum 30 seconds of data per event, including 15 seconds immediately before the accident which triggered recording. Subsequent impacts extend the event recording time.

The device can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other devices such as a GPS, Display Logger or ECU.

The MoTeC ADR2 conforms to FIA standard 8872-2018 and is included in the FIA ADR Program.

See Features for specifications.

For configuration and function information, refer to the ADR2 User Manual.


To ensure that your ADR2 installation complies with all FIA requirements, you are requested to follow “8872-2018 ADR - Installation specification ” available on the FIA website.


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Part No: 

Records 3-axis accelerations

Records GPS and FIA specified CAN channels

Pre-accident recording: 15 seconds

Total event recording: minimum 30 seconds

Data output format: CSV