Honda Civic FK8R 2017 Kit


Reference Mode

The M1 Reference Mode in this Package is locked to this engine variant.

Power ECU

The M1 ECU will be powered whenever the ignition is on. With the key inside the vehicle, turn the ignition on by pushing the engine start button twice. To turn off, simply push the engine start button once. The ECU power will remain on if the ignition is turned off while the M1 ECU is connected to M1 Tune.

Resetting the M1 while the ignition is on will interrupt the CAN communications on the vehicle CAN bus causing other CAN modules to display errors on the dash. To avoid this, turn the ignition off before resetting the M1 ECU.

Engine Start

The OE engine start procedure is maintained in this Package. To start the engine, the key must be inside the vehicle. With the engine off, depress the clutch and push the engine start button.

Reverse Lockout

The reverse lockout solenoid will not allow reverse gear to be selected while the Vehicle Speed is greater than 5km/h.

Cruise Control

The Cruise Control functionality of the OE ECU has been maintained in this Package. This includes the Lane Keeping Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Low Speed Follow. Refer to the owner's manual for the operation of these features.

Adjustable Driving Modes

The Driving Mode can be changed between Sport, Comfort and +R by toggling the Drive Mode Switch. Changing the driving mode provides alternate settings for Steering, Damper Control and Vehicle Stability Assist.

The Driving Mode can also be used as a customisable driver switch within the Package - this driver switch can be mapped to launch control, pit switch, anti-lag, traction, race time reset, engine speed limit maximum, throttle pedal translation, fuel volume trim, ignition timing, fuel mixture aim, boost limit, traction aim, and traction control range.

The Driving Mode has been pre-configured to throttle pedal translation to give a more aggressive throttle pedal in +R mode with a relaxed feel in Comfort mode.

Dash Lights

The functionalities of the Engine Check Light (All Warnings), PGMWI Warning Light, Oil Level Warning Light and Oil Pressure Low Warning Light are maintained in this Package. These lights are activated with the associated M1 warning system.