Honda Civic FK8R 2017 Kit


This kit is designed as a complete replacement for the factory ECU, utilising existing wiring, sensors and mounting hardware to deliver plug-in convenience with fully programmable control. The M1 ECU is supplied with the firmware preloaded, providing all the functionality of MoTeC's GPR-DI Package with additional features unique to the Honda Civic FK8R.

Along with fuel, ignition, camshaft and turbocharger control, this Package  also supports other OE ECU features, including:

  • Push button start
  • Air conditioner control
  • High and low speed fan control
  • Adjustable driving mode
  • Fuel canister purge valve control
  • Engine speed matching (throttle blip) on downshifts
  • Alternator control
  • Reverse lockout
  • Cruise control

The supplied start file contains all the calibrations and settings for the sensors, direct fuel injectors, ignition coils, knock control, throttle servo, camshafts and turbocharger wastegate.  It has also been calibrated to match the OE factory fuelling, ignition, camshaft phasing and boost pressures. This saves a significant amount of time as it shortcuts the setup process. Users can begin tuning to their desired power level right away with the assurance ofa safe base tune that is equivalent to the original ECU.

Included are many ancillary features commonly found on race cars, such as anti-lag, driver switches (e.g. pit switch, launch enable, boost trim), gearbox control, knock control, intercooler sprays, launch control, coolant pumps and traction control.


This ECU can be integrated with other MoTeC products, utilising pre-defined CAN messaging for MoTeC Dash Loggers, E888, V2 , GPS, ADR , BR2 , PDM and SLM.


There is 1 variant available, which is:

  • HONDA CIVIC FK8R 2017 - M142

HONDA CIVIC FK8R 2017 - M142

PART #11401



  • MoTeC M142 ECU
  • M142 Honda Civic FK8R 2017 Adaptor Kit
  • Enable for the MoTeC M142 ECU
  • Firmware Licence (for the Honda Civic Type R 2017 K20C M1 Package)
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Vehicle Compatibilty:

This product includes CAN messaging for full OE vehicle integration. The Package caters for OE vehicle systems such as power steering, ABS, starting systems and dashboards. Bosch Motorsport ABS-M4 integration is also included.

The following table shows compatible vehicles.

Engine Family: Honda
Engine Designation: K20C
Year: 2017-18
Vehicle Platform: FK8R
Comment: Manual transmission

Note: This product is not suitable for other Honda FK8 variants (e.g. 1.5L engine models).