Nissan GT-R 2007 Plug-In Kit


Frequently Asked Questions

These common queries may help you plan your installation. Also, see our helpful Modifications Guide .

Can I change turbos?

Yes, alternate turbos can be characterised via the Boost Aim table and PID boost control settings.

Can I use external waste gates?

Yes, however, they must be characterised via PID boost control parameters.

Can I change throttle bodies?

Yes, however, we recommend using the stock throttle bodies as these are sufficient even for high powered drag applications. Alternate throttle bodies must be fully characterised.

Can I change injectors?

Yes, as long as the injector calibrations are changed to suit. MoTeC provides standard calibrations.

Do I need to re-tune the engine after an injector change?

As long as the injector calibrations are correct, the system will recalculate fuel delivery and only fine tuning may be required.

Can I change fuel pumps?

Yes, switch points can be adjusted to suit. In addition, an external PID controlled pump can be used, which requires a MoTeC DHB (Dual Half Bridge) to drive the pump. The fuel pump configuration is very flexible.

Can I change plenum chambers?

Yes. A single control parameter must be changed and the efficiency may need retuning.

Can I change intercoolers?

Yes, crossover-type intercoolers are compatible but not recommended.

Can I change intercooler piping?

Yes, changes to ECU settings should be unnecessary.

Can I change the MAF sensor or sensor housing?

Yes, the calibration must accurately reflect the sensor behaviour.

Can the MAF sensors be removed?

Yes. The software can use another combination of load sensors to run the engine.

Can I change boost and MAP sensors?

Yes, as long as the calibration reflects the altered sensors.

Can I run high/low injectors?

Yes, fully supported.

Can I use stock Lambda sensors?

No, the kit includes two NTK wideband sensors and an LTCD-NTK controller for accurate and repeatable measurements.

Can I change fuel formulations?

Yes, as long as the Fuel Density and Fuel Stoichiometric Ratio calibrations are changed to suit. Flex fuel sensors are not supported in the initial release but may be in future.

Will my stock odometer and tripmeter work?


Does Cruise Control work?

Yes, full Cruise Control is included.

Can I use this system with a stand-alone VR38DETT engine in another vehicle?

This firmware is designed for full vehicle integration with the Nissan R35 GT-R and errors will result if the associated vehicle systems are not detected. The engine may be used standalone, however, some sub systems may not function correctly.