Porsche 991.1


This Plug-In Kit provides a complete replacement for the factory OE (original equipment) ECU for the Porsche 911 Turbo 2014-2016. Using existing wiring, the original fuel system and sensors, it delivers convenient installation with fully programmable control.

Along with fuel, ignition, throttle and camshaft control, this Kit also supports other OE ECU features, including:

  • Selectable Turbo or Turbo S models
  • Selectable Drive Mode including Normal, Sport, Sport Plus, and Individual using OE controls
  • Full integration of 7-Speed PDK transmission
  • Direct injector with high pressure fuel pump control and optional secondary port injector control (saturated high-ohm injectors only)
  • Cruise control
  • Included LTC Dual connects to OE Lambda sensors
  • All OE dash functionality including warnings

Vehicle Compatibility

The following table shows compatible vehicles.

This product includes CAN messaging for full OE vehicle integration. The Package caters for OE vehicle systems such as power steering, ABS, starting systems and dashboards.





 Porsche 911

 2014 - 2016


 Engine MA1.71

 Porsche 911 S

 2014 - 2016


 Engine MA1.71


PORSCHE 911.1 2014 - M142M

PART #11409



  • MoTeC M142M ECU
  • M142 Porsche 991-1 2014 Adaptor Kit
  • Enable for the MoTeC M142M ECU
  • Firmware Licence (for the M142 Porsche 991.1 2014 Package)
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M142 porsche 991-1 2014 Adaptor kit


  • M142 Porsche 991.1 2014 Adaptor Box
  • M142 Porsche 991.1 2014 Mounting Kit
  • M1 Adaptor 250mm 26w Key 1 Stub Loom
  • M1 Adaptor 250mm 26w Key 3 Stub Loom
  • M1 Adaptor 250mm 34w Key 1 Stub Loom
  • M1 Adaptor 250mm 34w Key 2 Stub Loom
  • Porsche 991.1 2014 Breakout Loom
  • LTCD - Dual LSU Lambda to CAN
  • Lambda Sensor Extension Loom For LSU 0.6 Metres