ACL - Obsolete

OBSOLETE: ACL is no longer for sale

General Features

  • Dedicated logger device

  • Suitable for bikes, cars, marine and industrial applications

  • Compact, durable and reliable unit

  • Supports wideband Lambda from one or more PLMs, using Bosch LSU or NTK UEGO 5 wire sensors

  • Easily integrated with MoTeC CAN-based devices such as expanders, lap timing devices, shift lights module and ECUs

  • 200 sensor inputs, using multiple VIM expanders

  • Configurable to use sensors from existing engine management system

  • Compatible with all MoTeC displays

Logging and Analysis Features

  • Internal 1 GB logging memory

  • Very fast download via Ethernet

  • Logging up to 1000 channels

  • Very fast logging rates up to 5000 samples/second

  • Combined logging rates greater than 20 MB/minute

  • State of the art i2 data analysis software

  • Telemetry and remote logging options

Functions & Calculations

  • Functions

    • Shift Lights—controlling up to 4 staged shift light channels

    • Tell-tales storing minimum, maximum or average values

    • Engine Logs—up to four separate engine logs with separate conditions

    • Diagnostics Log—event recorder

  • Special Calculations

    • Lap Time, Lap Speed, Running Lap Time, Split Lap Times, Lap Number, Laps Remaining

    • Ground Speed, Drive Speed, Wheel Slip, Lap Distance, Trip Distance, Odometer

    • Lap Time Gain/Loss—continuously displays how far behind or ahead the vehicle is compared to a reference lap

    • Gear Detection

    • Minimum Corner Speed, Maximum Straight Speed and other Min/Max values

    • Fuel Used, Fuel Usage, Fuel Remaining, Laps Remaining, Fuel Used Per Lap

  • General Purpose Calculations

    • 2D and 3D lookup tables

    • User-defined conditions—can be used to activate items such as a thermatic fan or gearbox oil pump

    • General purpose timers

    • Mathematics

    • Bit combine

    • PID control

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