To access the newest features you can download the latest software versions (below).

C125 Dash Manager Software

The Windows-based Manager software is designed for setup and management of the display and data system. It provides:

  • Configuration of the inputs, outputs, LEDs, display, data logging and calculations

  • Offline generation of a configuration file that can then be sent to the C125

  • Channel monitoring

  • Firmware updating

  • Extensive help screens

Display Creator Software

Designed for use with MoTeC’s Colour Displays and Display Loggers, this intuitive and powerful software allows you to fully customise your onscreen graphics.

With Display Creator you can maximise the potential of your high resolution display by generating layouts specifically for your application. Add sponsor logos, design your own gauges, create unique warning screens, use non-English labels and define parameters to suit your individual needs.

Display Creator is free to download and comes with samples to get you started. C1 Series Display/Loggers require an upgrade to be enabled before accepting Display Creator files.

Learn more about Display Creator

i2 Data Analysis Software

  • Analyse logged data quickly and efficiently

  • View logged data from the C125 numerically or graphically to evaluate the health and performance of the vehicle and to assess driving technique

  • Monitor various parameters in order to make improvements to performance and maintain vehicle reliability

Note: i2 Standard data analysis software is included with C125 Data Logging option. i2 Pro can be used by purchasing the Pro Analysis Upgrade.

Learn more about i2


Latest Software

Displays and Data Acquisition
File Size Last Updated
C125 Dash Manager V6.40J6 19 MB Mar 18th 2022 10:31

Latest Software

Data Analysis
File Size Last Updated
i2 Standard V1.1.5.0193 (64 bit) 31 MB Aug 7th 2023 11:58