Other Accessories



C1812 Loom

Part No: #62206

This is a high quality, ready populated loom allowing for the connection of analogue voltage inputs and analogue temperature inputs to your C1812, quickly and easily. The loom has been made so that it can be customized to the vehicle installation.


Ethernet Cable

Part No: #61225

To configure the C1812, a communication cable is required to connect to a PC. An Ethernet cable should be used to connect to the Ethernet port on the PC.


Mating Connector

Part No: #68086

79 pin Autosport connecter including sockets and insertion/extraction tool


PAL Bullet Camera (12v)

Part No: #61285

This 12v Colour Bullet CCD Camera with PAL output signal allows for a signal input into a colour display for viewing live on screen imagery. Can be used as a reverse camera, and displayed under user derived conditions or via a driver operated switch. The C12x screens can display 1 camera signal, with the C18x displays capable of displaying up to 3 camera inputs.


SMS Module

Part No: #61286

The SMS Module, once fitted with a SIM card, allows mobile phone SMS text messages to be displayed on the screen.

Download datasheet


Custom USB Logging Cable A Panel/ Mini B

Part No: #61279

Required cable to allow a USB drive to be connected to the Display Logger.

Note: Requires the USB Logging enable (C1812 #29958)


MoTeC 32Gb Data Plug

Part No: #61280

High temp and vibration USB drive with a capacity of 32Gb, with locking ring for use in motorsport applications.

Note: Requires the USB Logging enable (C1812 #29958)


32Gb USB3 Flash Drive

Part No: #61292

High temp and vibration USB drive with a capacity of 32Gb allowing for days of continuous logging.

Note: Requires the USB Logging enable (C1812 #29958)



GPS-L10 Part No: #41304,  GPS-L5 Part No: #41305

GPS units can be used with the C1812 for speed, position, track mapping and lap timing, plus date, time and GPS statistics.


Lap Timing

Part No: #15512

GPS units are often utilised as a cost effective method of lap timing (see above). The MoTeC BR2 Beacon Receiver is an alternative.



A vast range available.

Lambda  Temperature   Pressure   Pitot   Crank, Cam and Speed   Position   Force and Motion  Switches



E888 Part No: #14007,  E816 Part No: #14008

MoTeC's E888 or E816 Expanders can be connected to the C1812 with full functionality.

Supplied items may differ slightly to these images.