MoTeC's mini colour display, the D153, features an anti-reflective, TFT LCD screen with exceptional brightness and clarity for easy viewing in strong sunlight.

Like the MDD it replaced, the D153 is an ideal size for steering wheel mounting and is designed to be controlled and configured by a MoTeC data logger. Numerous inputs are provided for buttons and dials, enabling the unit to activate functions in other CAN-based devices, such as traction control and pitlane speed limiting, with minimal wiring.

MoTeC's initial release provides fixed layouts and selectable channels, allowing users to choose the parameters they wish to monitor in various modes. Full screen configurability will be offered in future and most customers will be able to upgrade their existing unit via a software update.

Display Creator

Designed for use with MoTeC’s Colour Displays and Display Loggers, this intuitive and powerful software allows you to fully customise your onscreen graphics.

With Display Creator you can maximise the potential of your high resolution display by generating layouts specifically for your application. Add sponsor logos, design your own gauges, create unique warning screens, use non-English labels and define parameters to suit your individual needs.

Display Creator is free to download and comes with samples to get you started. D1 Series Displays do not require any enable to accept Display Creator files.

Learn more about Display Creator

Other models

The D175, a larger display with built in shift lights is also available and is ideal for dash mounting.


  • 85mm colour LCD display (3.54")

  • Compact case for mounting to steering wheels

  • High brightness for optimum readability in sunlight

  • Receives display messages from MoTeC data loggers

  • Sends input data to other devices via CAN

  • Provision for up to 14 steering wheel-mounted buttons and dials


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Part No:

3.5 inch - Professional

Display Creator
Connector: Flying lead


The D153 Mini Colour Display is designed to work with all current MoTeC Data Loggers (excluding ADR) and previous Dash Loggers.