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Organising, interpreting and manipulating large amounts of data requires specialist applications, such as MoTeC's i2, t2 and Race Management software.

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i2 Standard and i2 Pro

i2 is used to perform calculations and to organise and chart data in order to identify trends, problems and improvements. This might involve reviewing overlayed data, creating track maps and comparing graphs and gauges. The result is valuable knowledge about the performance and reliability of the engine and chassis, which can help to improve tuning and set up, refine driver technique and determine pit stop strategies.

A sophisticated program, developed in collaboration with professional motorsport teams and racing engineers worldwide. Due to its inherent versatility, i2 is suitable for all types of motorsport and all levels of expertise. There are two levels available: i2 Standard, which is available to all customers with logging from a MoTeC Data Logger or ECU, and i2 Pro, a professional version requiring an optional Pro Analysis upgrade or Feature Licence.

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T2 Telemetry

While data can be analysed after the event, the use of T2 Telemetry enables real time monitoring in the pit garage. The data is sent via a transmitter in the vehicle to a receiver in the pits, allowing the data engineer to monitor the engine and chassis data while the vehicle is still on track. This increases the chances of detecting early signs of problems so the driver can be warned, and helps to prepare for setup adjustments or repairs during the next pit stop.

The information needs to be presented clearly and intuitively so that important changes, critical values and track position can be identified easily and decisions made quickly. MoTeC's T2 software structures this data using dial gauges, bar graphs, virtual steering wheels, track maps and warnings, enabling teams to plan pit stop strategies and monitor engine health.

As an option, the transmitted telemetry data can be recorded in real-time while being viewed on the pit computer. This live data can be further analysed while the vehicle is still running, providing more sophisticated calculations and comparisons to detect issues and assist with performance.

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Race Manager

Race Management

Combining Race Control and Flag Marshal Applications, this software gives category organisers powerful new race proceeding tools.

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