Display Creator


Designed for use with MoTeC’s Colour Displays and Display Loggers, this intuitive and powerful software allows you to fully customise your onscreen graphics.

With Display Creator you can maximise the potential of your high resolution display by generating layouts specifically for your application. Add sponsor logos, design your own gauges, create unique warning screens, use non-English labels and define parameters to suit your individual needs.

So you can get to know the software, Display Creator is free to download and comes with samples to get you started.

Please note: An upgrade is required to enable Display Creator to be used with C Series Loggers. Do not send a Display Creator file to a C Series Display before purchasing the 'Display Creator Enable' upgrade and installing the key.

D Series Displays are enabled as standard.


  • Take full control of your display and optimise the screen space for your application

  • Create custom graphics, icons and messages - add as many or as few elements as you like

  • Choose which parameters you want to see and the way you want to see them

  • Import images and illustrations for use as backgrounds or active components

  • Put your team or sponsors' logos/colours in the spotlight by incorporating them in the onscreen graphics

  • Create a multitude of pages to suit various scenarios - the number available to each user depends on the memory intensity of page designs but most users will never reach their limit

  • Display multiple alarms and design the most effective warnings for each

  • Create non-English labels

  • Incorporate your favourite TrueType fonts - designs are not limited by a handful of system fonts

  • I2 playback / DC simulate compatibility - Playback logged files through the DC simulate function, compare this visual reference with video footage to see what was on the display at any given moment.

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