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A great way to incorporate tell tales into your DC project is by using font based icons.  By using a font, the icon (tell tale) remains a vector graphic and is therefore scaleable and remains crisp.  It also means that you set the colour of the icon, perhaps using different colours to indicate various states.

Installing Display Creator adds 3 MoTeC fonts to your available array.  They are MoTeC01, MoTeC02 and MoTeC03 and will appear amongst the "Safe" (green ticked) fonts in the "Font" dropdown menu in Display Creator. 

Below are 3 cheat sheets you can use to easily identify which icons and keys are related for each of the 3 supplied fonts. 

Font:  MoTeC01   MoTeC02   MoTeC03

MoTeC01-cheat sheet

MoTeC02-cheat sheet

MoTeC03-cheat sheet

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