General Features

  • Logger and controller in one lightweight unit

  • Suitable for bikes, cars, marine and industrial applications

  • Compact, durable and reliable unit

  • Straightforward control for lights, fans, pumps and PID controlled devices

  • Supports wideband Lambda using a PLM or LTC unit

  • Easily integrated with MoTeC CAN-based expanders, lap timing devices, shift lights and ECUs

Logging and Analysis Features

  • Internal data logging, 16 MB standard or 250 MB optional, with fast Ethernet download

  • Recording at up to 1000 samples per second

  • Accommodating over 200 channels derived from a mixture of analogue and digital inputs, RS232 and CAN bus channels

  • Configurable to use sensors from an existing engine management system

  • Advanced Maths allow complex calculations based on specified channels. The formulas can include relational and Boolean operators, functions and constants, and can be used to define conditions. Up to 3000 instructions are available with a typical expression using 15 to 40 instructions.
  • State of the art i2 Standard or i2 Pro data analysis software

  • Telemetry and remote logging options

Upgradable with optional functionality to make additional features available when you want them, activated through a simple password system.

Useful links

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