I would like to buy a MoTeC ECU/Dash Logger for my car

Can you tell me which ECU/Dash Logger I need?

There is no quick answer to this question. Every application is different and much depends on the modifications you intend to make to the vehicle and if the car is used on the road or for racing. We advise you to contact your local dealer to discuss your requirements in detail to get the best advice on the appropriate solutions for your application.

How much faster/more powerful will a MoTeC ECU make my car?

The amount of increase in power depends on the modifications that are made to the engine. A big advantage of the MoTeC programmable engine management system is that it allows you to obtain the best performance from any of the changes that are made to the engine.

However, much depends on the quality of the tuning and the installation. We advise you to contact your dealer who has experience with installing and tuning your ECU and will be able to get the best out of your system.

Can I buy one from your website?

MoTeC products are suited to a wide range of applications, each with their own unique complexities. This requires specific MoTeC systems set up knowledge to choose the right product. That is why we sell our products through a worldwide dealer network. You can find your nearest dealer here.

Can you give me your best price?

MoTeC ECUs and Dash loggers are technical complex products. That is why we sell our products through a worldwide dealer network. Each authorised MoTeC dealer has proven their competence ensuring they are qualified to advise, install and tune, and provide ongoing customer support for each product. Please contact your nearest dealer, who will be able to provide you with a price of the product suitable for your application.

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