I own a current model MoTeC ECU/Dash Logger

I lost the manual, can I get a new one?

All manuals are included on the USB Stick that comes with the product. You can also download a user manual from this website in the downloads section.

What upgrades are enabled in my ECU/Dash Logger?

The fastest way to check this, is to connect the unit to the laptop. You can find the enabled upgrades on the start up screen for the 'hundred series' ECUs, on the Enable Option or Function menu for the M4/M48 ECUs, On the M1 series ECUs under Online/Show information/Ecu licence and on the Online/Enable Dash Option menu for the Dash Loggers.
Alternatively, if you send us the model and serial number we will check what upgrade options are enabled on that particular ECU/Dash Logger.

What communication cable do I need to connect to the PC?

You can find the required communication cable here. If you are still unsure, please contact your dealer or technical support.

What version software (firmware) is in my ECU?

Download a new version software from this website onto your computer and connect the PC to the ECU/Dash Logger. If there is a mismatch a message will tell you which version software the ECU/Dash Logger expects (hence is available in the device).
You can choose to update the firmware version in the ECU/dash Logger to the new software you have just downloaded on your PC, or you can download the older version software from this website onto your PC.

Do you have a start map/base map for my vehicle?

We have start files for a number of common vehicles. You can find them on the Forum pages of this website. If there is no start file available in the download section, we might not have done this application before or there are too many variations to supply a general start file.
Please remember a start file is just that and it does not in any way guarantee the best settings for your vehicle. Especially when modifications on the vehicle are made, some values in the start file can even be completely wrong. We advise you to contact your dealer, who can help you with setting up and tuning the ECU to your application.

I have another question

You can go back to the index and check if your question is answered in another section.

If you can not find it, ask us the question on our Forum and we will answer you as soon as possible.