T2 Server 22 October 2018
  • Fixed: Network interface selection for output sometimes resets to default.
  • Fixed: Meta Data not always written to folder.
  • Fixed: Temporary files are not always removed.
  • Operating systems: Windows Vista or 7, 32 or 64 bit.
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1366 x 768. (Recommended: 1600 x 1200 or greater)
  • Communications Port: Ethernet Port.
  • Communications Protocol: IPv6.
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Administrator privileges are required for installation.
  • Any active firewalls may need to be updated to allow:
    • Inbound and Outbound Multicast DNS traffic (IPv6) on UDP port 5353
    • Inbound HTTP traffic on TCP (IPv6) port 8888
    • Inbound and Outbound UDP (IPv6) traffic for T2.exe
  • MoTeC i2 1.1 or higher is required for data analysis. 23 July 2018
  • Added: Davis WeatherLink weather plugin
  • Added: Plugin API allows programmatic access to generate 3rd party t2 streams (activation required)
  • Added: Vehicle position and track state relay (requires MoTeC Race Manager software)
  • Added: JSON formatted data output
  • Fixed: LD files with large number of channels would not playback correctly
  • Fixed: Playback Seek operation would jump after being set
Version 1 Feb 2018
The T2 Server configuration file (.t2cfg) format has changed in this version and is no longer backwards compatible. Whilst the software automatically creates a backup when migrating forward, we recommend you make a copy for future reference.
New in this release:
  • Added: Pass Through protocol
  • Added: Secure Text Message send capability (when supported by the receiving device)
  • Added: UDP unicast output option for T2 Server ↔ T2 Server communications
  • Added: Support for Race Manager communications
Fixed in this release:
  • Fixed: Dropped Bytes/Packets metrics may occasionally be higher than expected.
  • Fixed: Cosmetic UI issues
Version 15 March 2016
New in this release:
  • Added: 64 bit native application.
Fixed in this release:
  • Fixed: Telemetry occasionally processes bad packets (due to corrupt header).
  • Fixed: Check for Updates on-line improvements.
  • Fixed: Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
Version 19 October 2015
New in this release:
  • Added: UDP (unicast) output option.
Fixed in this release:
  • Fixed: Master/Slave heartbeat indication.
  • Fixed: Fault Tolerance master/slave communication on a LAN with virtual network interfaces.
  • Fixed: Downstream T2 Servers sometimes get stuck in Data CRC failure mode.
  • Fixed: Image file database indexing may result in missing data during replay. (Reselect all input image files in your configs to update replay settings)
Version 04 June 2015
New in this release:
  • Added: Allow an (optional) security key to be specified for decryption.
  • Added: Processing failures due to Missing Meta Data are now propagated thru the t2 Server hierarchy for greater visibility.
  • Added: Input metrics can now be reset from the UI.
  • Added: Loopback interface as a valid output.
  • Added: Per item Ping Test capability for network based inputs.
  • Added: Per item Garage Number property for UI sorting.
  • Added: Alternate (alias) names and units support
  • Added: Credentials dialog is resizable
  • Added: Improved UI, allow all input and output states to be determined at a glance
  • Added: Fault Tolerance settings for configuring multiple redundant servers
Fixed in this release:
  • Fixed: Fault Tolerance master/slave swapped unexpectedly.
  • Fixed: Possible hang/crash on exit.
  • Fixed: Recording input or output streams uses more disk space than expected.
  • Fixed: UDP input from IPv4 not always connecting.
  • Fixed: All interfaces output doesn't seem to include the loopback interface.
  • Fixed: Double click on an item summary doesn't open the Edit Dialog.
  • Fixed: Input recording drops invalid data.
  • Input recording configuration has moved from the Output tab to the Input tab and now saves all incoming data (regardless of validity) to ensure consistent playback with respect to the original data source.

  • Fixed: "All interfaces" transmit/receive not always working.
  • Fixed: UI state flickers between good/bad when incoming data temporarily stalls.
  • Fixed: UI missing dropped and out of sequence packet counters.
  • Fixed: Discovery announcements for inactive Outputs
  • Fixed: Deadlock in API VB.NET Sample
  • Fixed: UI memory leak
  • Fixed: COM API Enumerator reference count
  • Fixed: COM API sample now uses thread based read for improved performance
  • Fixed: Cannot connect via localhost when transmitting via a dedicated interface
  • Fixed: Occasional crash when using UDP input stream
  • Fixed: UI doesn't report "Missing Meta Data" when connected via serial port
  • Fixed: Incorrect behaviour when output interface is not found
  • Fixed: Meta Folders settings lost after they exceed 255 characters
Version 29 October 2014
New in this release:
  • Added: Improved beacon event processing (multiple redundant packets) to ensure reliable detection in i2
  • Added: Optional GSM Modem redial when the carrier is lost (TT 3567)
  • Added: General TCP/UDP network input capability
  • Added: Public/Private key based encryption/decryption
Fixed in this release:
  • Fixed: COM API events now dispatched from main thread
  • Fixed: Possible crash when packet filtering is enabled
  • Fixed: UI terminology clarification
  • Fixed: UI sometimes starts up blank (TT 3668)
  • Fixed: Crash opening Telemetry Image file (TT 3670)
  • Fixed: Improve packet filtering to avoid spurious completion notifications
  • Fixed: Redial delay time is not saved (TT 3606, 3614)
  • Fixed: Redial attempts can hangup before dial has completed (TT 3613)
  • Fixed: Show Details window doesn't update after the selected item is modified
  • Fixed: UDP receiving out of sequence packets
  • Fixed: Beacon detection fails even when beacon channel data looks correct
Version 5 December 2013
Initial Release:
  • New: Realtime Telemetry Server
  • Features include:

    • Receive multiple input telemetry streams via:
      • Serial Port
      • Network (multicast UDP)
    • Selective transmission of multiple output telemetry streams via the network
    • Optional decryption of input streams
    • Optional encryption of output streams
    • i2 Log file playback
    • COM based API for 3rd Party application interoperability