GPR Diesel


Diesel Specific Features

The following features in GPR Diesel have been specifically designed to run diesel engines:
  • Operates diesel direct injected engines from 1 to 8 cylinders with inductive or piezo injectors and synchronous direct injection fuel pumps. Refer to the Engine Compatibility section for known applicable engines in the GPR Diesel Package Datasheet.
  • Turbocharger boost pressure control of either a PWM solenoid or servo motor for use with a Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT), wastegate, bypass etc. The boost control can be fully configured via a PID control system that gives the user full control over the response and stability of the system. The Boost Aim can be varied based on Fuel Mass, Engine Speed and Ambient Pressure.
  • To ensure safe operation, a number of overriding Boost Limits can also be set. These limits may be based on Coolant Temperature, Engine Load, Exhaust Temperature, Inlet Air Temperature, Race Time, Gear, Vehicle Speed and Turbocharger Speed.
  • Control of a throttle valve is also supported. This throttle valve can be used to assist engine shutdown or reduce power during Engine Overrun.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation control via a servo motor, solenoid or stepper motor actuator. The EGR amount applied can be varied with Engine Speed and Fuel Mass. Compensations for Air Temperature, Coolant Temperature and Ambient Pressure can also be applied.
  • A Start Off EGR Compensation can be used to avoid soot formation when the vehicle takes off. Separate EGR aims can be used for Overrun and Gear Shifts. The Throttle Servo or a Flap Actuator (EGR Cooler) can also be controlled during EGR requests.
  • The Glow Plug Control system includes independent strategies to control the glow plugs pre-cranking, during cranking and post cranking. Each phase has tuneable compensations for Coolant Temperature and Battery Voltage.
  • Ignition outputs are available for each cylinder to check the timing of the fuel injection.
  • Advanced LTC Enable functionality ensures safe operation of Lambda sensors.
Download the Datasheet