M400 - Obsolete

M400 S3
OBSOLETE: M400 is no longer for sale

Several options are available as upgrades to customise and grow your system. These additional features are activated through a simple password system, at any time when you need it.

For the M400 engine management system the following upgrades are available:

Data Logging

Allows recording of all ECU data to the internal logging memory and analysing the data with MoTeC's i2 Standard software.

Level 1: 1 Mb - This option is enabled for a free evaluation period (first 8 hours engine running time).
Level 2: 4 Mb

Pro Analysis

Provides access to advanced i2 Pro data analysis software with multiple graph overlays, X-Y plots, advanced maths functions, synchronised video (manual alignment), and flexible layouts to accommodate virtually any user preference. Requires the Data Logging upgrade.

Wideband Lambda

Allows the use of a single on-board wideband Lambda controller for NTK UEGO or Bosch LSU sensors. This option is enabled for a free evaluation period of the first 8 hours engine running time.

Advanced Functions

  • Traction Control and Launch Control (2, 3 or 4 wheel)

  • Gear Change Ignition Cut (flat shifts)

  • Overrun Boost Enhancement ‡ (anti-lag)

Overrun Boost Enhancement ‡

Enables boost control to reduce turbo lag and improve throttle response in tight and twisty stages for turbocharged cars, specifically in rally events. 

‡ Overrun Boost Enhancement is available separately or as part of Advanced Functions.

Continuously Variable Camshaft Control

Enables camshaft control with each cam independently adjustable in 0.5 degree increments based on RPM and load.

Drive by Wire Throttle Control

Enables control of the throttle body actuator by interpreting the driver's pedal input via sensors. Compatible with most OEM electronic throttles.

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