To complete your installation, MoTeC has a large range of products available, all designed and/or tested to ensure they work well with your ECU.

Communication Cables

To configure the M84, a communication cable is required to connect to a PC. On most computers a UTC (USB to CAN) adaptor should be used to connect to the USB port. 

Wiring Looms

Generic wiring looms to be terminated to suit your installation are available.

Fuel Delivery

Components to deliver the right amount of fuel to the engine including fuel injectors, pumps, regulators, filters, fittings and adapters.

Ignition Systems

Inductive and capacitive ignition devices, including the eight channel CDI8, ignition expanders, ignition coils and distributors.


Lambda sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, crank, cam and speed sensors, force and motion sensors, and position sensors.

Shift Lights

SLM Shift Light Module and single shift lights.


To display information to the driver, connect the ECU to any MoTeC dash.

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