Tab PDM32

General Features

  • Each output is over-current, short circuit and thermal overload protected
  • Outputs programmable in 1 A steps
  • Outputs controllable via a combination of switch inputs, CAN messages and logic functions
  • Switch inputs ranging from 0 to 51 V, resolution 0.2 V
  • Performing up to 200 logic operations using operators like Flash, Pulse, Set/Reset, Hysteresis, Toggle, And, Or, Less than, Greater than, Not equal to, Equal to, True, False etc.
  • Performing functions such as flashing indicator lights and controlling thermofan and fuel pump
  • Using logic functions to selectively turn off systems during low battery voltage or engine starting, reducing drain on the battery
  • Providing full diagnostic information, including output currents and voltages, input voltages, and error status
  • Transmitting diagnostic information via CAN to a display or data logging device or monitoring directly on a PC
  • Rating: IP67

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