GPS Units


Global Positioning System (GPS) units provide speed and position information, as well as altitude, heading, date, time and GPS statistics. For optimal results MoTeC highly recommends roof mounting GPS devices rather than dash mounting.


The speed information can be used for display and logging purposes, eliminating the need for wheel speed sensors. This is particularly useful for boat racers as they have no wheel speed available; GPS is opening up a new world of data opportunities for marine sports.


GPS position information can be used in MoTeC's i2 data analysis software to show and compare the driven lines and to create track maps. The driven lines can also be plotted over a Google Earth image, allowing circuit racers and rally drivers to see the path travelled in a real life context.

Lap timing

In circuit racing, a GPS unit can be a cost effective alternative to the traditional lap timing system. The position of the start/finish line can be marked either by a push button operated by the driver when passing the line or by entering the coordinates directly into the data acquisition system. This position can then be used by the logger or display as a beacon to calculate the lap time and by the data analysis software to indicate the start of each lap.


MoTeC supplies GPS units which are suitable for the high dynamics of motor sport applications. The units are fitted with MoTeC compatible connectors and pre-configured to suit particular MoTeC devices.

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Part No:

The GPS-L5 is a 5 Hz receiver unit with a built in antenna


Part No:

The GPS-L10 is a 10 Hz receiver unit with a built in antenna