Hundred Series

Inputs & Outputs O12

'Hundred' Series

M800/M880 , M600 , M400

MoTeC's versatile 'Gold Box' ECUs are longstanding favourites among tuners, providing powerful control for a huge range of vehicles and applications. Sharing a single firmware, each model can be programmed to suit various engines (excluding direct injection) with modern technologies such as electronic throttle and variable cam control. A race-inspired upgrade path ensures customers only pay for the features they need.


Crafted with M800 technology, this entry level model caters for high performance engines without Drive by Wire or variable cam control.

M800 Plug-Ins 

These discreet ECUs replace the factory computer in selected models - utilising factory connectors, sensors and fuel components - to deliver M800 technology with the convenience of plug-in installation.

  • WRX
  • EVO

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